Artist Update - Summer 2016

A lot has happened the past few months.

First, I lost my job.

To fill you in, I had been painting pictures full time for a publisher out of Boise. They decided to do some major restructuring, which meant some major downsizing, which means that I no longer have a steady source of income. That is a very scary thing for a husband and father, sole provider of my family. What is even scarier is what we have decided to do about it. Nothing. Well, not nothing, but not finding another job either. We decided to take this 'setback' as an opportunity, and pursue my dream of becoming a full time, self employed artist. My wife and I have wrestled with this decision for many months, and we still wrestle with the outcomes (or lack thereof) that we are seeing daily, because frankly, I'm not sure just how we are going to make it, but I'm sure we are... Why? because this is what we felt we should do. I believe in prayer. I believe in personal revelation. I believe that God is mindful of us each individually and that He wants us to succeed. So, I pray, I try to listen, and then I try to follow my feelings. That is how I try to live my life (notice all of those "tries"?).  It is hard and scary, but so far, I have been very happy, and my family has been blessed.

So what am I doing now? I'm trying to grow my business. When I first entertained the idea of being a full time self employed artist, I thought that I would have tons of free time to work on the artwork that I would want to do. Not the case. I find that I spend most of my time trying to run a business. I'm working on my website, creating social media posts, replying to emails, filling internet orders, restocking supplies, (Ink, canvas, mailing envelopes, mailing tubes, labels, business cards, postcards, photo paper, tape, boxes, frames, framing supplies, art print plastic sleeves, backing boards, etc, etc, etc.)
I've been training my kids to help out
with the "Family Business"

I've also been preparing to go to art shows. In the evenings, with my family's help, I've been packaging a lot of prints to sell (we do this while sitting on the couch watching a movie together). The past few days I have been building a new "Swiss themed" booth for Midway Swiss Days this September. I have also signed up for many other shows this summer, most of them small, local shows, some of them bigger and a bit further for me to drive.

In May I went to 2 shows, one in Draper and one in Richmond, Utah. Both of these shows got rained out, so although they were fun, they were not very 'financially' successful. I'm hoping to have better luck the rest of the year.

In June I will be attending Springville Art City Days (the 8th through 11th). I've never been to this show before, but I'm really excited about it.
Springville Art City Days

Later in the month (June 25th) I will be in my hometown of Meridian, Idaho for their Dairy Days celebration. I had a booth there years ago, but this is the first year that they are having an actual "Art" show. I really hope to see old friends while I'm there.

I have been invited to participate in a special art show during the Freedom Festival in Provo. This show will be held inside of the old courthouse. I will personally be there on Friday and Saturday, (July 1st and 2nd) and my artwork will still be available on July 4th to purchase.

On the 4th of July, I have chosen to be a part of the celebrations in Sandy, Utah. There will be a lot going on that day on the South Towne Promenade. Please come and find me, I plan on offering a great deal on my "Title of Liberty" American flag print.

There are a couple local shows in July that I have not yet finalized, but for sure I will have a booth in Preston, Idaho, at Rodeo Days for That famous Preston Night Rodeo. (I almost forgot to schedule this, and it's right in my own town.)

The first weekend in August (Aug 4th - 6th) I will be at Bear Lake for their Raspberry Days celebration. After you buy an art print, you can go get a fresh raspberry milkshake!

Later in the month of August, I will be at the BYU Bookstore during Education Week. I was able to attend this last year, and loved every minute of it. I'm really excited for this year.
Midway Swiss Days

In September I'll be attending three great shows back to back.
First. Midway Swiss Days will be on September 2nd and 3rd. Although I have worked at Swiss days the previous three years for my past employer, I have never had my own booth before this year. I am beyond excited. If you have never been to Swiss Days, I really encourage you to go. It is definitely my favorite show. It's always amazing to see just how well organized that little city is to be able to handle that many people on one weekend. Even the food lines move fast!

The second weekend in September I will be in Brigham City for Peach Days. It will be great to attend such a great show only an hour from my home, I'll actually be able to drive home each night and sleep in my own bed!

On September 22-24, I'll be heading down to Santa Clara Swiss Days. This will be my first time visiting the St. George area.  I'm excited for the chance to go take a few pictures of temples that I have not yet been able to see for myself.

My November and December calendar is starting to look pretty full, but nothing is finalized, so I won't mention my plans now. Does anybody know of any good events going on in October? Or, do you recommend that I look into any other shows that I'm missing?

More of what's going on in my life as an artist (artwork I'm currently 'trying' to work on) will be in a future post... To be continued.


  1. You're awesome. I'm very inspired by your faith!
    Keep it up!

  2. The first leap is always scary but I know Heavenly Father prepares a way. I'm self employed entrepreneur and have watched this happen in my life over and over again. Good luck!

  3. Love your work. You're going to do great!!

  4. I think there is a magazine that lists all the art shows in the US. You may have to travel even more.


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