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Cancer, Trials, and Life with a Smile

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    Quite a few years ago, when my now teenage children were just babies, I was diagnosed with cancer.
    Actually, at first I was just self diagnosed. One day I was over at my parents house, and I happened to be flipping through an issue of "Prevention" magazine (don't ask me why, I don't typically flip through magazines, especially ones that sound as boring as "Prevention"). This particular issue had an article about self diagnosing cancer. So I did. I realized that day that I had cancer. I remember going home that day and telling my wife "So... Um... I think I have cancer".  I did it with with a smile on my face! I was a bit nervous, but at the same time, I felt a different kind of anxiety, a positive feeling. Was it excitement? No. Definitely not, but I did in fact feel a sense of confidence that I hadn't felt before.     As I went to the doctor I took the news rather well. Yes. He confirmed the fact that I…