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Artist Update - Summer 2016

A lot has happened the past few months.

First, I lost my job.

To fill you in, I had been painting pictures full time for a publisher out of Boise. They decided to do some major restructuring, which meant some major downsizing, which means that I no longer have a steady source of income. That is a very scary thing for a husband and father, sole provider of my family. What is even scarier is what we have decided to do about it. Nothing. Well, not nothing, but not finding another job either. We decided to take this 'setback' as an opportunity, and pursue my dream of becoming a full time, self employed artist. My wife and I have wrestled with this decision for many months, and we still wrestle with the outcomes (or lack thereof) that we are seeing daily, because frankly, I'm not sure just how we are going to make it, but I'm sure we are... Why? because this is what we felt we should do. I believe in prayer. I believe in personal revelation. I believe that God is mindful of…