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16 paintings of Christ to lift your spirit.

Brent Borup has always wanted to be an artist, but he doesn't want to paint just another pretty picture.  Brent wishes to share his testimony of Jesus Christ through his artwork. He hopes that his paintings will have a positive impact on other people's lives. Read, in the artist's own words, his thoughts and feelings about 16 of his inspirational portraits of Jesus Christ.

"The Light of the World"For my whole life, the one painting that I wanted to create the most above anything else was a portrait of Jesus Christ. I worked on many different portraits of Christ through the years, but I was never quite satisfied with any of them until I painted "Light of the World". I have since based many paintings off of this one image. You may find it interesting that I painted this portrait during a very low point in my life. I had been really struggling to see any success as an artist, and after a few weeks of particularly trying circumstances, I was very close to ma…