I am pleased to present my newest original oil painting available for sale.

"Rabboni" by Brent Borup
"The Aramaic word Rabboni, used by Mary to address the resurrected Savior, is used only twice in the New Testament. In John 20:16, the King James translators retained the Aramaic word and John’s translation for his readers, which is “Master.” In Mark 10:51, the word is translated as “Lord.” The title Rabbi was used for respected teachers among first-century Jews. Rabboni, a more lofty form of the title Rabbi, was a title that was rarely used and was usually reserved for highly esteemed teachers who had both divine knowledge and authority to teach others." text from LDS.org
Many of you may know that it is very rare for me to actually sell one of my original oil paintings. I want to explain to you the reason that I am choosing to make this new painting available now.

Elder Borup
Mexico, Mexico City Chalco Mission
My son Ethan has recently left our home for two years to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As a missionary, he is responsible to pay for all expenses. This includes all startup costs plus $400 a month for two years. He had been working hard in his after school job to save up for his mission. In the short while that he was working, he saved enough to purchase all of his clothes, supplies, and other preparations for two years, plus he can pay for the first few months of his mission. He worked hard, and I told him that we will pay for the rest. The problem was, I had no idea how I was going to do this.  One day last April, the thought came to me on just how I could pay for his mission. I decided to paint a new portrait of Christ, and 100% of the proceeds of the sale will go towards Ethan's mission fund. Ethan's savings will cover the cost of production, framing, delivery, plus 10% for tithing, so we can use every cent of the sale to cover monthly mission payments. The cost of this framed original oil will be $9600.

Since this original painting will not be used to supplement my own income, I have only worked on it as time allowed, so it has taken me almost a year to complete.  The painting measures 24"x30" (pretty much life size) with a 5" handcrafted wood frame. The overall size is just over 33"x39".  I will personally deliver this painting to the buyer if they live within a reasonable driving distance from Preston Idaho. I consider a reasonable distance to be somewhere between Boise, Fort Collins, Great Falls and St. George. If the buyer lives beyond my driving radius, then the painting will be shipped via UPS Ground.

I've tried to pour my heart and soul into this painting, since it is very important for my son. I've spent a particular amount of time trying to get the eyes just right. It is important to me that people look at one of my paintings of the Savior, and feel His unconditional love and acceptance. I'm hoping that news about this painting will reach the right art buyer... one with a love for Jesus Christ, and a desire to help a missionary serve in His work. Please share this post with anybody who you think may be interested or capable. Thank You - Brent Borup

You can purchase this original oil painting, or see other art prints available for sale >>HERE<<


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